Welcome to Reigning Resonance!

My name is Ronna and I'm excited to be your guide to your unconscious mind, the part of ourselves where we stash those secret resources we didn't even know we had.

I work with a few modalities to aid you in this journey.


First is the art of hypnosis combined with the energetic healing of Reiki.

As a trained hypnotist I have a variety of resources to help you tap into and switch off undesired states or turn on desired ones.

Remember you are in the driver's seat however. Hypnosis cannot "make" you do anything, it is a tool not mind control.

As a Reiki Master I am able to bring in loving energy healing to help seal in and amplify our hypnotic work.

My other primary tool is intentioned, energetically infused artwork.

Gaze at the image for 30 seconds to accept the healing within. It can be a wonderful addition to other practices.