Hypnosis plus Reiki

How it works :

There are few problems that we experience that do not begin in our minds. As a trained hypnotist I can guide you through sessions to aid with a wide variety of issues from phobias, bad habits, that feeling you are “stuck”, hypnosis has so many uses you’ll find it addicting.

The addition of Reiki brings energy healing together with positive suggestions, they jump-start each other.

I do most of my sessions over Zoom so location is no issue (time zones are all we need to watch out for) and it is completely COVID safe.

I also offer opening up the unconscious mind to aid you in your own artistic journey.

Energetically infused artwork, custom or previously created

I’m trained in the Shamanic Painting modality of creating an intention, feeling or issue and infusing that energy into a piece either physical or digital. The art is beautiful but also helps infuse the appropriate state to aid in your journey. I also create art not energetically infused but simply for pleasure and do sell originals if requested.

Reiki or Hypnosis alone

As a trained Reiki Master and Hypnotist I can of course do either by themselves instead of combining them if that is requested.

Email to set up a consultation for any of the above services.

Calendar and pricing schedule will be posted here at a later date. For now, email me or visit Magic Beans Hypnosis and Wellness on Facebook.