Team Building

Combining the details of management with the artistic ability of casting a play I will build the team you need your project or company allowing you expansion of your own peace of mind.

1) I’ll create the postings to attract the best people and post them where they receive the highest visibility.

2) I’ll review applications and select the best skill sets to interview.

3) The magic begins as I speak with the applicants knowing they have the skill set and now determining which personalities and abilities are the best combination for the most dynamic and self sustaining team.


Don’t like writing? I do! I enjoy creating lively and entertaining copy to mesmerize your audience and help bring them do your door.


Experience the warm and soothing energy of Reiki without leaving the comfort of your home through distant Reiki. Completely COVID safe!


There are few problems that we experience that do not begin in our minds. As a trained hypnotist I can guide you through sessions to aid with a wide variety of issues from phobias, bad habits, that feeling you are “stuck”, hypnosis has so many uses you’ll find it addicting.

Original and Digital Artwork

If you desire a splash of originality and want something more mind bending check out my artwork page. I sell the originals but also you can download some of my digital images for completely original art on your printed or digital materials.

Email to set up a consultation for any of the above services.